Metro Mayor and First launch West of England’s first-ever ‘tap on, tap off’ bus payments

Traveling by bus is about to become easier than ever thanks to Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

The Metro Mayor has teamed up with First Bus to launch “Tap On, Tap Off” (TOTO), a simple way for people to pay for their bus travel using their contactless card or device without having to buy a ticket on the bus.

TOTO officially launched across all First West of England’s services on Sunday 17 July thanks to funding from the West of England Combined Authority and will make bus travel in the West of England quicker and simpler.

Using TOTO, passengers simply tap their card or device against the reader when they get on the bus and again just before they get off. First then work out the correct fare for each journey and ensure customers never pay more than the relevant Day ticket fare each day they travel, no matter how many journeys they make.

Dan Norris, Metro Mayor of the West of England, said: “I want to make it as easy as possible for people across the West of England to use buses. More journeys by bus across the West of England will help us reach our ambitious net-zero-by-2030 target and deal with congestion and pollution. ‘Tap On, Tap Off’ makes it easier for passengers and by simplifying and streamlining the payment process, it speeds everything up. If it’s good enough for the capital, then it’s the very least that we should expect here in our region.”

Doug Claringbold, Managing Director at First West of England, said: “We’re making it easier to use the bus with the introduction of Tap On, Tap Off. Simplicity is a key part of our plan to welcome back existing customers and encourage people who may not currently use buses to give them a try, especially at a time when alternatives to the car are not only the environmentally friendly option, but the most cost-effective too. With Tap On, Tap Off, customers will have the peace of mind of knowing their costs will be capped, and in boarding more quickly through not having to buy a ticket, everyone who uses the new system will be contributing to faster journeys”.

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