Bird is the word: Metro Mayor goes wild for conservation at birds of prey centre

School’s out for Summer and parents will be looking for some great days out to keep the kids entertained. Luckily the West of England has some amazing places to visit, according to Metro Mayor Dan Norris, who is running a regional Explore Local campaign.

To kick off the Summer holls, the Metro Mayor went wild for conservation at Newton St Loe’s West of England Falconry, experiencing the “quintessentially British” art of falconry, recongnised by UNESCO as part of the ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’, at the multi-award-winning centre.

This Summer, the 13-year-old centre has plenty of family-friendly fun on offer. Bathonians and NE Somerset residents can get up close and personal with hawks, owls and falcons and view spectacular flying shows as native species of birds of prey swoop and glide through the stunning countryside. There will also be talks with top conservationists including Chris Sperring.

Director Naomi Johns took the Metro Mayor under her wing to show how your visit will also help support vital conversation work. This includes education work at the centre, taking part in breeding programmes and the running of a dedicated rehabilitation hospital which last year saw treated over 60 poorly birdies.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “This is a day that stays in the memory for me: not just because the birds themselves are so beautiful, but because I got to learn so much about the truly remarkable conservation work that takes place here. West of England Falconry do such brilliant work, with all the money raised ploughed back into saving more stunning feathered creatures and looking after the ones in residence. It just goes to show the real variety of amazing things to do right on our doorstep. What a great place to explore local”.

From family favourites, to budget days out, to pet-friendly places, the West of England Combined Authority, led by the Metro Mayor, is promoting the best in the West. For more details see:

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