Roar-some! Dinosaurs to roam free in Aston Court this weekend

Metro Mayor Dan Norris was transported back 230 million years when he got up close and personal with some roaring ancient dinosaurs stopping off in Ashton Court.

The Mayor met some of the 50 life-size Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous beasts, including an 18m tall T-Rex that breathes and sways its tail as it hunts for prey, roaring into the historic park.

With the park’s operational director Steve Clampin by his side, Mayor Norris head off for an adventure on a winding route throughout the estate to see some the epic dinos that roamed the earth millions of years ago right here amongst Ashton Court’s trees, bushes and woods.

As part of the Jurassic Encounter experience, there will be an iguanodon’s furious battle against a deinonychus; pterosaurs that screech as they soar through the trees; a 15m tall brachiosaurus, guarding her eggs and a 16m long diplodocus, which cries out to passers-by.

Jurassic Encounter has many other things for families to enjoy too, such as street food and drink stalls, a cinema marquee for those looking for fun facts and facts about each dino, VR experiences and a super-fascinating dinosaur trail. Here younger children can test their knowledge and play at being mini-Palaeontologists at the excavation pit, and even ride on the backs of baby triceratops.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris, who is running his Explore Local campaign, said: “The October half term break is almost here, and what better way of spending it than taking part in some roar-some fun at Ashton Court. It makes for the perfect pre-Halloween scare-fest! From familiar, family-friendly favourites like Ashton Court to hidden gems, our area is jampacked with places to explore. I encourage everyone to make the most of our fantastic local attractions and get behind them this Autumn”.

Jurassic Encounter roars into Ashton Court this Saturday 15 October until Sunday 30 October.

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