As the clocks turn back this weekend, Metro Mayor Dan Norris is encouraging cyclists not to be caught out by making sure their bikes are fitted with lights before they get back in the saddle.

British Summer Time will officially end at 2am this Sunday 30 October, meaning not only an extra hour in bed, but earlier mornings and darker evenings for the school run or commute as well.

With the looming winter darkness round the corner, the cycle-loving Mayor said it was more important than ever to remind riders of the importance of cycling with care and lighting up to stay safe.

He is encouraging locals to make sure lights are attached to their bike before heading off to work and elsewhere on two wheels, and that the batteries are fresh and charged.

And with the darker days and damper road conditions, the Mayor is also urging all drivers to be especially aware and considerate of cyclists, as well as e-scooter riders and motorcyclists, and to give them plenty of space to manoeuvre safely, and especially when overtaking.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “I always enjoy the extra hour in bed that signals the end of British Summer Time. That’s the upside. But the downside is the days are getting shorter – winter is on the horizon – and that means more journeys by bike made in darkness. So I encourage everyone to light up – day or night, if you’re not sure if it’s dark enough for lights, it’s always best to put them on. And motorists should be extra-vigilant too. Pedal with care everyone!”.

The AA has a list of top tips for drivers regarding cyclists, several of which are relevant as the clocks turn back on Sunday: https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/safety/cyclists-and-drivers-sharing-the-road

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