Inflation rose to 11.1% in October from 10.1% in September, the ONS has announced.

It means inflation remains in double digits and is at the highest level for 41 years, heaping more pressure on households. Most economists had been expecting a rise to 10.7%.

Sky-high energy prices and the soaring cost of food were two of the biggest contributors as the cost-of-living crisis continues to hit locals.

The ONS said gas prices had leaped nearly 130% higher over the past year and electricity around 66%. Meanwhile, food and drink prices rocketed 16.2% in October, but some products have jumped by even more. Staples such as milk, pasta and butter are all rising sharply.

It comes on top of West of England Combined Authority stats shared by Metro Mayor Dan Norris yesterday showing 25,460 regional households face paying over £400 more in their mortgage repayments every month after the Tories crashed the economy.

While the Chancellor has tried to pin the blame for the sobering stats on the pandemic and Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, Metro Mayor Dan Norris said the Tory government had to take its share of the blame for the crisis hitting the pockets of all locals.

Mr Norris is calling for more help to be made available to West of England households feeling the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis in tomorrow’s austerity Autumn Statement. He said: “These latest figures will strike more fear into the heart of West of England families dealing with ever rising bills. The cost of living has thousands fearing for the future. But the truth is the people I talk to everyday – whether in Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset or South Glos – aren’t blaming Putin for the mess we find ourselves in; they’re blaming a Tory government that crashed the economy, and they’re right to. They know they’re feeling the impact of rising prices so much more than in other countries because of 12 years of Tory economic failure upon Tory economic failure. These latest figures must serve as a final wake-up call for the Chancellor to deliver real support to protect struggling West of England households tomorrow. And austerity: the second act cannot be the answer – we need, need, need a real plan to grow our economy”.

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