Mayor Backs Building Blocks for the Future

An apprentice met Metro Mayor Dan Norris to explain how a West of England Combined Authority-funded course that uses LEGO bricks helped him build a pathway to a new career.

Chris Dando is now a trainee support worker at St Mungo’s Bristol. Fred took part in the unique course hosted by acta Community Theatre which helps Bristolians struggling with their mental health improve their skills and confidence.

The Mayor learnt how a £12,000 cash injection from his West of England Authority is currently supporting 35 more Bristolians to go on to become apprentices like Chris, or access other training schemes and jobs. Mr Norris then joined in the creative fun by building a LEGO bee.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “LEGO is the ultimate creative toy, as you design and build what you want. It’s about thinking, planning, connecting and constructing, all vital skills to get great jobs. I’m pleased a £12,000 cash injection from my West of England Combined Authority is supporting Bristolians taking part in this innovative course and I look forward to seeing what everyone builds from LEGO and in their future careers”.

Oliver Jones, acta Community Theatre Director, added: “We are very grateful for the funding that we receive from the West of England Combined Authority for our Pathway project that enables us to work with people who are facing many challenges and barriers, and giving them a real purpose and aspiration to progress in their lives. We have already achieved some amazing results with participants progressing to further education, social enterprise courses, volunteering and employment. All of this is achieved through working creatively in a safe and supportive space and unlocking the potential that lies within each and every one of us”.

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