An additional £10million was agreed today to tackle the climate and nature emergency in the West of England after Metro Mayor Dan Norris secured agreement to expand his successful Green Recovery Fund at a meeting of the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority in Filton (Friday 17 March 2023).

Mayor Norris and the region’s three council leaders voted unanimously to back a proposal for more green cash to take Mr Norris’s Fund from £50 million to £60 million – to be spent on brand-new green projects to tackle the global climate and ecological crises affecting the West, including work to improve the estimated 250,000 West of England homes in need of energy efficiency improvements.

The committee also agreed an updated new climate action plan after hearing about the progress in implementing the steps of 2022’s plan – with the launch of the Mayor’s Retrofit Accelerator, and his West of England Mayoral Combined Authority’s securing of record sums for transport, singled out for mention.

Now the £10 million expansion of Mr Norris’s Green Fund is agreed, more of the Mayor’s key environmental projects like expanding his Pollinator Fund and more support for poorer households without savings to help retrofit their homes can get the green light.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris hailed this “green light for green action” but warned there is much more urgent work still to do. He said: “The climate emergency is the number one challenge of our time – that’s why I’ve made it a priority for the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority. I am delighted we’ve agreed this £10 million expansion for the West of England Green Recovery Fund. It means we can get on with even more vital projects to make our homes more energy efficient, ensure West of England workers have the green skills they’ll need – both today and in 10- and 20-years’ time as well – and continuing our work to make our region the Bee and Pollinator Capital of the whole country. This is a good day but there is much work to be done. Let’s get on with it”.

So far, the Green Recovery Fund has brought in £16m in match funding.

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