West of England shoppers facing the cost of living crisis have had another blow as supermarket price inflation hit another record high.

This is adding £837 to annual household shopping bills.

Price increases for groceries hit an all-time high of 17.5% in the four weeks to 19 March compared with a year earlier, according to new figures from the data firm Kantar.

The prices of staples including eggs, milk and cheese are rising the fastest but it’s also bad news ahead of Easter.

Easter egg and hot cross bun ingredients of butter, eggs, cocoa and sugar are all seeing significant rises, with sugar at a six-year price high.

The latest price rises mean an average annual household bill for groceries is now a huge £5,617.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “The West of England is facing the worst cost-of-living squeeze in living memory, as the Conservative oversee the biggest drop in living standards since the 50s. When it comes to food prices the Government has its head buried in the sand with pearls of wisdom including that we should go out and buy turnips. But with costs continuing to rise dramatically for farmers and food producers, there will be further pressures on food price inflation so we need action from the Government to support British businesses and ensure British food is affordable. If people can’t afford the basics of food it has terrible consequences for health and a negative effect on the wider economy.”

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