Over 800 West of England households suffering from the cost-of-living crisis will benefit from improvements to their homes to cut between £200 and £400 a year from their energy bills each year.

It’s all thanks to Dan Norris’s Mayoral Combined Authority securing £12 million for upgrades to homes in the region.

The cash will go towards loft insulation and new windows for 780 of the West’s hardest to heat homes to bring them up to an energy efficiency ‘C’ rating over the next two years.

And with 31% of total carbon emissions in the region coming from leaky homes, these home upgrades will help the West of England in its efforts to reach our ambitious net-zero-by-2030 target.

These schemes will also support hundreds more jobs in the construction and home retrofit sectors, helping in the delivery of Metro Mayor Dan Norris’s pledge of creating 23,000 new green jobs.

The cash win adds to the over £8 million brought forward by Mayor Norris to get on with retrofitting right across the West of England.

But Mr Norris warned there is still much more urgent work to do to retrofit the 250,000 homes in need of energy efficiency performances in the West of England as he vowed to redouble efforts to insulate homes and keep more money in people’s pockets in a cost-of-living crisis. He said: “The climate and cost-of-living emergencies are the biggest challenges we face as a region right now. That’s why this is such a big win for our region as we insulate the gorgeous Georgian Bath townhouses, Bristolian Victorian terraces and beautiful lias stone cottages and more to slash emissions and reduce home energy bills today – and long into the future. That’s vital at a time when energy prices are going through the roof. And it’s all the more vital if we are going to reach our very ambitious net-zero targets.”

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