Ram Hill

On World Heritage Day, Metro Mayor Dan Norris will peer behind the scenes at a colliery in Coalpit Heath to discover 700 years of mining history, and learn more about the vital role coal played in the West of England story.

Friends of Ram Hill Colliery Secretary Kate Kelliher will give the Mayor a potted history of the 170-metres deep mine – which is now filled in, and which was used by the Coalpit Heath Colliery Company to transport coal to the River Avon and Keynsham between 1825 and 1865.  

But the history of mining dates back much earlier, Mr Norris will learn – some 700 years ago in the 14th century in fact – as he checks out the old steam engine house, storage bunkers, Dramway and more – all key parts of a site that was one of the main suppliers of coal to Bristol during the Industrial Revolution. 

And now Ms Kelliher, and the rest of the Friends of Ram Hill Colliery team, are on the hunt for new volunteers to help preserve the much-loved heritage site including a new Treasurer and others to help with ongoing projects like preserving the wonderful woodland walk area on site – including progressing their plans for a ‘living wall’ of herbs, flowers and veggies, and starting picking brambles in the coming months for the whole community to enjoy.

The pair will also discuss the importance of celebrating the region’s coal history as well as supporting local attractions like Ram Hill Colliery – and the brilliant workers and volunteer heroes who make that all possible – during the Coronation weekend, and beyond.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris, who is running an Explore Local campaign, said: “The Ram Hill Colliery has long been a firm favourite with locals wishing to drink in and learn more about the vital role mining played in our region’s story, and it’s no wonder. And it’s all because of the extraordinary skills, talents and enthusiasm that the Friends of Ram Hill Colliery group, and other volunteer superheroes in the region, continue to bring which genuinely never ceases to amaze me – we need more Kates! So, interested in finding out more about our local mining history and helping preserve a brilliant and super-important local site for everyone in Coalpit Heath to continue to enjoy? Then please get in touch with the Friends of Ram Hill Colliery team today!”. 

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