Dan Norris, Chair of the League Against Cruel Sports, and West of England Mayor, is urging the region’s firms to pledge to never promote blood sports like illegal fox hunting.

The Business Without Blood Sports pledge was launched by Mr Norris at a special event in the Houses of Parliament. The pledge states:

“We share the belief of the overwhelming majority of the British public that animals should be defended from persecution in the name of ‘sport’, and therefore we pledge to ensure we will never allow, promote or otherwise enable blood sports such as hunting, shooting or animal fighting.”

More than 125 companies have already signed the pledge, including Bristol’s Essential Trading Co-operative, who met Mr Norris to explain why they had signed the pledge.

It’s super simple to sign up – companies can take the pledge at https://www.league.org.uk/business-without-blood-sports-pledge/join-the-business-without-blood-sports-pledge/ or contact pledge@league.org.uk to learn more.

And if you don’t run a company, you can still help to support the League by nominating a firm that you think would be a good fit for the pledge – the League will get in touch with them to see if they would like to join. Or if you work for a company that you would like to see sign up then you can use the League’s resource pack to help show your employer the benefits of joining.

The pledge is the first of its kind in the UK and costs nothing to join. By signing up, Norris says firms in the region will be directly protecting animals from cruel sports, and will be better able to connect with their customers who are against unnecessary harm to animals.

Surveys have found around 80% of people are opposed to blood sports like fox hunting, while the League have highlighted figures showing 84% of consumers want a brand to help them be more ethical in their daily lives – and 74% always consider a brand’s values before purchasing from them.

League Against Cruel Sport Chair Dan Norris said: “Forcing scared, defenceless animals to fight one another; shooting them for the sake of it; chasing, tormenting and then, only when they haven’t got the strength to fight on, killing them – none of this ‘sport’. It’s torture – plain and simple, and has no place anywhere in the West of England. “I urge the region’s firms to take a stand against fox hunts and animal cruelty by signing up to Business Without Blood Sports – a decision that I am sure will be popular with their customers. Showing compassion makes good business sense, and you’ll be supporting moves to end these barbaric activities once and for all. It’s a win-win.”

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