Three rare breed ‘heavy horses’ are getting the new Jubilee Park in Cadbury Heath ready to bloom as part of a project funded by the region’s directly elected Mayor Dan Norris.

Mr Norris met the horses, named Flynn, Kipp and Quin, who will be walking the length of the park for two weeks starting this week (on Monday 11 September), loosening the ground in preparation for seeds to be sown by the marvellous mares later on to create not one, not two but three blooming wildflower meadows.

This is all part of a project to transform the disused ‘pitch and putt’ site into a wildflower haven – with wild daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells and more – for Cadbury Health locals and pollinators alike, funded by a £53,000 cash injection from Mayor Norris’s West of England Mayoral Authority.

Mayor Norris, who met Councillors Louise Harris and Alex Doyle on the day, also heard how the Council will form a ‘Friends Of’ group to help manage the park long term, plus there will be opportunities for residents to get involved, with two major planting projects planned for the Autumn.

Mr Norris said: “Bees matter. Simply put, we can’t live without them. That’s why I was so delighted to meet Flynn, Kipp and Quin helping get Jubilee Park ready to bloom thanks to funding from my Mayoral Combined Authority. I wouldn’t give them a B – they deserve an A+!

“I’m proud to be investing in projects supporting our region’s pollinators like this soon-to-be wildflower haven at Jubilee Park – good news for Cadbury Heath locals, and even better news for its pollinators who do so much for us. It’s projects like these that will really help us make our amazing West of England region the bee and pollinator capital of the whole country.”

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