Bristolians are being invited to sign up to take part in a special chocolate smashing event at St George’s next month as part of a sweet arts project by local artist Luke Jerram celebrating Bristol’s inspiring culture and history.

‘Edible Histories’, which is funded by the West of England Mayoral Authority, led by Mayor Dan Norris, combines chocolate, history and sculpture, with five historical objects that tell the story of the city having been selected to be sculpted in Fairtrade chocolate.

This includes a mini-chocolate version of the last iconic supersonic Concorde jet to fly from Aerospace Bristol, and the largest chocolate button in history at Glenside Hospital Museum.

Now all five objects, which have been wrapped in gold foil, and displayed with the original pieces within the much-loved attractions who’ve signed up to the project, will be brought together the first time at St.Georges in Bristol on Saturday 21 October (11am to 12.30pm).

That event will include an introduction about the project by the artist Luke Jerram and Mayor Norris, and a talk by historian Dr Richard Stone who is a specialist in Bristol’s inspiring history and the transatlantic slave trade as well. All the objects will then be introduced by the participating venues from across the city, including Bristol Zoo Project.

The objects will then be broken up by 10 specially selected members of the public, to be distributed to the public there on the day, and local Trussell Trust Foodbanks in the city, with people able to put their names forward via an online ballot at – ahead of the 29 September deadline.

Plus, there’s good news for those unable to become one of the lucky 10, with 500 free tickets to attend this event available, which can be booked through Eventbrite at As well as watching the event, locals will also get to take home a bag of chocolate at the end.

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