Metro Mayor blasts unambitious climate goals

“Government plans to change the way we heat our homes barely scratch the surface,” said Metro Mayor Dan Norris. His comments came after the Prime Minister announced a plan to subsidise low-carbon heat pumps to replace gas boilers for homeowners. “These government plans fall far short,” said Dan Norris. “They don’t recognise the urgency orContinue reading “Metro Mayor blasts unambitious climate goals”

We’re all going on a winter holiday – thanks to a Keynsham company

As Winter approaches and temperatures fall, Metro Mayor Dan Norris found out how workers at a Keynsham campervan conversion firm are meeting rising demand to install heaters in campervans. Family-run Keynsham’s Apple County Customs report increased demand for products to make campervans warmer and cosier for weekend breaks. Thanks to a grant from the WestContinue reading “We’re all going on a winter holiday – thanks to a Keynsham company”

Protecting the West’s best ideas

  The brilliant ideas of West of England inventors, artists and designers need to be protected, says Metro Mayor Dan Norris, and now he is launching a brand new scheme to help do just that.  Creative West of England people will be able to access expert support to protect their trade secrets and stop theirContinue reading “Protecting the West’s best ideas”

Mayor Gives Guide To Disrupting Status Quo

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has spoken out at Bristol’s first ever Blue Earth Summit. The summit is a prestigious event jam packed with adventurers, pioneers and athletes. Amongst the line up is Sir Tim Smit, from The Eden Project, Rosie Stancer, a Polar Explorer and Melissa Reid a Paralympic Triathlon medallist.  Metro Mayor Dan NorrisContinue reading “Mayor Gives Guide To Disrupting Status Quo”