Environment jobs snatched away from Bristol

Labour’s Mayoral candidate Dan Norris has hit out at today’s (26th January 2021) Government announcement on the location of the new Office of Environmental Protection. Bristol was expected to be the home of the powerful independent regulator but a last minute U-turn by the Government means it will be sent to Worcester instead. The decisionContinue reading “Environment jobs snatched away from Bristol”

Kingswood and Bristol High street workers deserve better on sick pay

It’s a kick in the teeth for Kingswood and Bristol Wilko keyworker high street heroes as the company cuts their sick pay. The discount high street chain remained open throughout the pandemic thanks to the hard work and dedication of their employees. But Wilko has repaid this loyalty by announcing devastating cuts to the sick pay ofContinue reading “Kingswood and Bristol High street workers deserve better on sick pay”

Don’t Cut Care Worker Pay

Local care workers could be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket warned Dan Norris as the government consider post- Brexit changes to holiday pay and safe working hours. Under the current rules, workers are entitled to a week’s pay for each week of statutory leave that they take, and employers have to include regularContinue reading “Don’t Cut Care Worker Pay”

Metro Mayor candidate backs Bristol MP’s ‘social tariff’ for broadband

Dan Norris is backing a campaign to require low-cost broadband for families on low incomes. Bristol North West Labour MP Darren Jones, is calling on the Government to use existing powers to provide a ‘social tariff’ for broadband for families with children eligible for free school meals. These proposals would mean that the over 21000Continue reading “Metro Mayor candidate backs Bristol MP’s ‘social tariff’ for broadband”


The West of England’s buzzing bees are under threat after the Government reversed a ban on bee-killing pesticides.  Dan Norris, Metro Mayor candidate and former Labour Environment minister, has slammed the Government decision to allow the controversial chemicals known as neonicotinoids to be sprayed on fields.  Mr Norris, who as rural affairs minister held nationalContinue reading “GOVERNMENT SHOULD BUZZ OFF”