Bristol Pupil shows racism the red card

A talented Bristol student has won a prize in a national anti-racism football competition. In a week that saw England’s footballing heroes in a major final, but also shocking abuse of black players, Metro Mayor Dan Norris will visit Bristol Brunel Academy (this Thursday 15th of July at 10am) with the goal of presenting GeorgiaContinue reading “Bristol Pupil shows racism the red card”

Mayor praises The Week In as bus service saved

The No 17 bus service which local people feared would be scrapped at the end of August has been saved. The bus route is operated partly by bus company First on a commercial basis and subsidised by the West of England Combined Authority, led since May by newly elected Labour Metro Mayor Dan Norris. MayorContinue reading “Mayor praises The Week In as bus service saved”

The Show Must Go On

Metro Mayor Dan Norris is promising more help for creative freelancers with the launch of a new support program to help them recover from the impact of Covid-19. The Creative Sector Growth Programme aims to support recovery by working with creative businesses and freelancers to help them improve their business’s resilience. It will offer support including: – £3,000 of professional expertise (mentoring, coachingContinue reading “The Show Must Go On”

Jobs & Skills Summit to lead our recovery

West of England Metro Mayor, Dan Norris, will meet local residents whose jobs have been hit by Covid-19, as part of the region’s first Jobs & Skills Summit, July 5 – 9.  During the week, he will be talking with apprentices in Bristol and Radstock; community learners in South Gloucestershire; Bath mums returning to work, and studentsContinue reading “Jobs & Skills Summit to lead our recovery”

Cheese-ey does it for Kelston

Metro Mayor Dan Norris donned his whites to learn the art of cheese making at Park Farm at Kelston. The Mayor was the guest of Hugh Padfield, founder of the award-winning organic cheese makers, The Bath Soft Cheese Company. When Covid struck, the local business decided they could not just ‘let it brie’ but insteadContinue reading “Cheese-ey does it for Kelston”