Jobs & Skills Summit to lead our recovery

West of England Metro Mayor, Dan Norris, will meet local residents whose jobs have been hit by Covid-19, as part of the region’s first Jobs & Skills Summit, July 5 – 9.  During the week, he will be talking with apprentices in Bristol and Radstock; community learners in South Gloucestershire; Bath mums returning to work, and studentsContinue reading “Jobs & Skills Summit to lead our recovery”

Cheese-ey does it for Kelston

Metro Mayor Dan Norris donned his whites to learn the art of cheese making at Park Farm at Kelston. The Mayor was the guest of Hugh Padfield, founder of the award-winning organic cheese makers, The Bath Soft Cheese Company. When Covid struck, the local business decided they could not just ‘let it brie’ but insteadContinue reading “Cheese-ey does it for Kelston”

Welcoming back Keir Starmer

I was delighted to welcome leader of the opposition Keir Starmer back to West of England. I have a relentless focus on jobs and our recovery, to that end we visited the Bristol Port company to witness their investments in young people’s future through apprenticeships. Watch here: Keir Starmer on Instagram: “Dan Norris plans forContinue reading “Welcoming back Keir Starmer”

E-Bikes to get people cycling

More residents and employees across Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire will soon be able to reap the benefits of pedal power, thanks to additional funding secured by the West of England Combined Authority. Metro Mayor Dan Norris, has won £248,000 from the Government to buy e-bikes, expand e-bike loanContinue reading “E-Bikes to get people cycling”

Don’t silence communities on planning

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has warned local people risk being gagged from speaking out against inappropriate developments in the West of England as the House of Commons votes on the so-called Developers’ Charter (today Monday 21 June).The Metro Mayor has branded the Government plans “unacceptable and undemocratic.” The Government’s proposed reforms of the planning systemContinue reading “Don’t silence communities on planning”