Birthday Bus

Mayor Dan Norris presents…


FREE West of England bus travel throughout the month of your Birthday

Tackling the cost-of-living crisis

We are in the midst of a frightening cost-of-living crisis and everyone needs a helping hand. Now thanks to Birthday Buses you can get a whole month of transport for free. That’s one twelfth off your annual transport bills. You can use it for work or leisure. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. So please sign up at

Tackling the climate emergency

We have super ambitious net zero targets in the West of England and a staggering 44% of our carbon emissions currently come from transport. Currently, fewer than one in ten regional commutes are made on public transport, and the economic impact of congestion costs in our area alone reach £300 million annually. Worse, there are a shocking 300 preventable premature deaths due to air pollution every year.

That’s why we need new and innovative ideas to encourage people out of their cars and onto public transport. So please sign up at

New passengers please

Like many regions, our public transport network is struggling to match its pre-pandemic performance, This is in part because while most people who used to use buses are doing so again, they are travelling less. Delve in and this makes sense. It reflects changing demand, as working from home practices displace commuting patterns and many face-to-face meetings, like GP appointments, move online. But with people making fewer journeys we must reach new potential passengers. That’s where Birthday Buses comes in. So please sign up at

The science of behaviour change

Other places have tried free travel for a day or a week, but this is a whole month. Why? Because try our buses and we think you might like them. Maybe even love them. And after a whole month you might never look back. So please sign up at

Showing Birthday Buses works

We have thought about this carefully. The month of your Birthday seemed a great time to give you a free travel gift, but we’ve also been working closely with bus companies. The phased nature of Birthday Buses means you won’t face over crowded buses. We also need to make sure it’s definitely you applying so please have a passport style digital photo ready to apply at Now we have to prove to Government our West of England Birthday Buses scheme works. That’s why you’ll be asked for some travel habit information when you first apply at

“I wish you many happy returns and singles!”

Dan Norris, Mayor of the West of England
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