18,495 more West of England people are out of work since lockdown began according to new figures released today.

There are now 31,595 people in the city aged between 16 and 64 claiming unemployment related benefits.

The news came as national labour market stats showed the number of people reporting they had been made redundant rose to a record high of 370,000 in the three months to October.

Mr Norris, who has pledged to be a “jobs first” Metro Mayor, said “Not only are these worrying figures but we must remember that behind every number is a struggling family. Many families will be facing Christmas with worry and uncertainty.

I also believe that it is not a coincidence that redundancies escalated to record levels whilst the clock was ticking down to the end of the furlough first planned by the Chancellor before his last minute U-turn. I hope he has learnt from this and call on him to clarity right now ahead of the next furlough cliff edge in January.

The UK is now is the worst recession of any major economy and West of England people are counting the cost.”

Metro Mayor secures best transport settlement in UK

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has welcomed the news that the West of England will receive a bumper injection of cash to improve local transport.

The Chancellor is set to announce in next week’s budget that just over half a billion pounds will be invested in the region’s transport infrastructure – around £560 per person.

This is the highest investment per head of population in the whole country and Metro Mayor Dan Norris who led the charge to win the cash is delighted.

Welcoming the news, Metro Mayor Dan Norris said:
“This transport money is only available to areas with Metro Mayors – and we’ve come out on top. This is a big success for our great region. It’s an important vote of confidence in the West of England.
“Everyone locally knows why we need the cash – it’s to tackle traffic jams and the congestion holding us back. Currently only 1 in 11 commutes are made by public transport. This investment will also help us as we strive to meet our ambitious net zero targets by 2030.”

The money secured is for the short to medium term. It will predominately be spent on improving the reliability of buses by creating more bus lanes and priority routes.

Metro Mayor Norris continued:
“A big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen including the Unitary authority leaders for agreeing to back a strategic bid with local contributions, and to our local civil servants on doing the essential leg-work to make this happen.
“Now we must deliver. If we show the Government we can get on with the job they will trust us with more devolution, more powers, resources and cash – so let’s make it work.”

Metro Mayor blasts unambitious climate goals

“Government plans to change the way we heat our homes barely scratch the surface,” said Metro Mayor Dan Norris.

His comments came after the Prime Minister announced a plan to subsidise low-carbon heat pumps to replace gas boilers for homeowners.

“These government plans fall far short,” said Dan Norris. “They don’t recognise the urgency or the huge scale of the climate emergency. They wouldn’t cover half of Bristol’s needs to go green, never mind the whole of the country.

“We need a bold climate pledge like the £28 billion extra each and every year to 2030 that Labour proposes.

“We are not leading the world or showing the essential moral leadership.
“This is no time for climate delay. We need to seize the moment to properly invest and build a revolutionary green transition in Britain. These government plans are but a drop in the ocean and don’t cut the mustard for the West of England never mind the nation as a whole. The government needs to do much better.”

The Prime Minister announced subsidies of £5,000 to 90,000 householders over three years although up to 25 million UK homes have gas boilers. Homeowners will be left to face the costs of insulation on their own.
Mr Norris, who was at the summit where Mr Johnson unveiled his Net Zero Strategy, continued:

“What I was hoping for was a bold climate investment pledge like the £28 billion extra each and every year to 2030, that Labour proposes. Instead we got a tiny fraction of that. We are not leading the world nor showing moral leadership. This is deeply concerning with the COP climate event so soon. The climate emergency is happening now and needs action now. This is no time for climate delayers. It’s time to seize the moment, invest and reap the benefits of a green transition in Britain.”

Protecting the West’s best ideas


The brilliant ideas of West of England inventors, artists and designers need to be protected, says Metro Mayor Dan Norris, and now he is launching a brand new scheme to help do just that. 

Creative West of England people will be able to access expert support to protect their trade secrets and stop their ideas from being copied, with help to develop and protect their intellectual property. 

“If you have a great idea, there will always be those who will want to cash-in on your success and pass off your ideas as their own. People often understand the importance of protecting ideas they’ve worked hard to create, yet don’t know where to turn for professional support,” says Metro Mayor Dan Norris. 

“So this new scheme will enable people to get top-notch advice on issues around copyrights and patents.” 

Research shows that companies that own their intellectual property perform better and pay higher wages. But with the rise of the internet, where products and services reach vast audiences at the click of a button, the chances of intellectual property theft have increased too. 

The West of England Combined Authority scheme is open from now until 17 December. Successful applicants will be able to obtain a professional IP Audit, worth up to £2,400 and to implement recommendations worth up to £5,600.

Death of David Amess MP

Following the news that David Amess MP has passed away having been stabbed at a constituency surgery, Dan Norris, Metro Mayor for the West of England said

“This is utterly awful and tragic news. My thoughts are with David Amess’s family. I first met David when I was an MP and he was a thoroughly decent man. Despite being on different sides of the chamber, I always found him extremely personable and constructive to work with.  This horrific and senseless violence is deeply shocking especially as it occurred whilst David was working hard for the benefit of his constituents. This is a heartbreaking day for his family and a dark day for British politics.”

Mayor Gives Guide To Disrupting Status Quo

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has spoken out at Bristol’s first ever Blue Earth Summit.

The summit is a prestigious event jam packed with adventurers, pioneers and athletes. Amongst the line up is Sir Tim Smit, from The Eden Project, Rosie Stancer, a Polar Explorer and Melissa Reid a Paralympic Triathlon medallist. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris headed up a session entitled “Speaking Truth to Power: Disrupting the Status Quo”. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “There is a climate emergency and I think people are ahead of politicians. The pandemic has fundamentally changed work and travel patterns. Some of my policies are about disrupting the status quo such as my stance against the airport expansion. Now that has caused some choppy waters – but I think it is the right thing to do. On other issues I think we can get a real consensus around the need for significant investment to deliver innovation and new technologies for rapid decarbonisation. Our economic recovery needs to be green and deliver NetZero.”