Metro Mayor candidate backs Bristol MP’s ‘social tariff’ for broadband

Dan Norris is backing a campaign to require low-cost broadband for families on low incomes. Bristol North West Labour MP Darren Jones, is calling on the Government to use existing powers to provide a ‘social tariff’ for broadband for families with children eligible for free school meals. These proposals would mean that the over 21000Continue reading “Metro Mayor candidate backs Bristol MP’s ‘social tariff’ for broadband”


The West of England’s buzzing bees are under threat after the Government reversed a ban on bee-killing pesticides.  Dan Norris, Metro Mayor candidate and former Labour Environment minister, has slammed the Government decision to allow the controversial chemicals known as neonicotinoids to be sprayed on fields.  Mr Norris, who as rural affairs minister held nationalContinue reading “GOVERNMENT SHOULD BUZZ OFF”

Tesco should close on Boxing Day

Dan Norris and Cllr Grant Johnson are calling on Tescos to give their workers a well earned break on Boxing day in recognition of the the unparalleled efforts of shop workers up over the past year.” In a letter to the store manager at the Paulton store, the duo wrote: “For key workers, who haveContinue reading “Tesco should close on Boxing Day”


ail season tickets between Bath Spa and London are set to rise by an inflation-busting £274 next year. The government has changed the rules on regulated rail fare rises, putting them up by July’s inflation figure plus 1% – a total of 2.6%. For several years, rises have been linked directly to the inflation rate.Continue reading “RAIL FARES SET TO RISE BY INFLATION-BUSTING 2.6% NEXT YEAR”