Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other clinicians are set to be hundreds of pounds worse off in real terms every month if the Government’s recommendations are implemented.

New figures show that, under their proposed 1 per cent pay “increase”, the basic starting salary of a Band 5 nurse is actually a pay cut, as it will be worth £174 a year less in real terms.

A nurse with 5 years experience in the role will have £236 a year in real terms in their pay packet, for a highly specialist occupational therapist, physio or health visitor, with seven years experience, it’s down £312, for doctors, a new NHS consultant will be £572 worse off and for the most experienced consultants with over a decade of experience, the real terms impact of this pay increase will be over £680 a month less.

Commenting, Dan Norris said:

“Cutting the pay of our hardworking NHS staff in the middle of a devastating pandemic is just wrong. It’s time for new leadership.”

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