Leading our recovery

Dan Norris, Labour Metro Mayor Candidate for the West of England

I know many of you, like me, feel let down by the Conservatives. Jobs and hope are disappearing in this economic and health crisis.

We need new leadership to build a better future for everyone in our region.

Other Metro Mayors across the country are making their voices heard, but we hear nothing from the invisible Tory Metro Mayor. Let’s change that.

I love this part of the world. I’ve lived here all my life. I’ve represented this area as an MP and councillor. I’m ambitious for the West of England and committed to making where we all live, the best it can be.

Together we can protect and create jobs, invest in excellent public transport, tackle the climate emergency, work to end the shame of homelessness and build back better from the crisis we face.

I want to join the campaign

Dan Norris’s plans for the West of England

  • Dan will be a “jobs-first” Metro Mayor.
  • We need to ensure everyone gets all the support they are entitled to
  • It is time to stand up for fair pay and improve access to skills training
  • Dan Norris will work to genuinely improve local transport
  • We need to unclog the roads and get people out of cars
  • Active travel must be a priority as we tackle the climate emergency

  • Let’s build a thriving West of England where our area gets global recognition
  • Dan brings new leadership to create good jobs and tackle homelessness
  • We will make the West of England a place we are immensely proud of including by reducing animal cruelty

Dan Norris grew up here and has worked here all his life.

He is ambitious for our area.

From a poor coal-mining family, Dan received free school meals, but had an emotionally rich upbringing. Attending state schools across South Gloucestershire and Bristol, Dan was a fellow pupil of J. K. Rowling at primary school.

Dan’s been a scaffolder’s assistant, factory worker and teacher. He trained with the NSPCC to become a child protection officer right across our West of England area. Dan says it’s the toughest job he has ever had!

Dan’s home is in Pensford. He has lived in St Paul’s, Hartcliffe, Knowle, Whitchurch, Winterbourne, Coalpit Heath and Bath.

Dan supports Bristol City whose ups and downs have been the perfect training for politics! His deep local roots mean he knows the West of England is a unique and wholly special place. Dan is very proud and hugely ambitious for our area.

Just as he did as a Bristol councillor, as a Somerset and Gloucestershire MP, and as an Environment Minister, Dan will bring new ideas to create good jobs, improve skills, build affordable homes, tackle homelessness, promote animal welfare and tackle the climate crisis.


Dan Norris has a record of action

30+ years

as a local campaigner


national awards for his ground breaking anti-bullying and child protection work

17 years +

of elected experience as councillor and MP including as a Minister of Environment

£4 million +

compensation won for Somerset area miners



  hours  minutes  seconds


election day

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